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by Release Recommended Release (12.0.1 FP1)


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SAHNC6D7L6Client - Calendar - Fixed an issue with day numbers showing incorrectly in One Week view when Dansk is set as the primary language and as the...
SAIAC7GEQ7Client - Typeahead - Fixed an issue where typeahead would appear unexpectedly
STAAC9W6VGClient - Advanced Properties - Fixed an issue in Advanced Properties for design-hidden databases. This regression was introduced in...
SVAIBW7946Templates - Mail12.ntf - German - Fixed an issue in the german mail template where using More - Copy into new - To Do would open up a new mail tab...
ASHABY2DH8Client - UI - Fixed an issue where images were not scaling correctly in high resolution.
TSAOA3QDUTClient - Preferences - Fixed an issue where changing the default settings on the Fonts and Colors preferences panel will also change the inbox font...
UTOOC7X7VPClient - Export - Fixed an error where attempting to output a document to a PDF file with a double byte file name will result in a "Printer error"...
ASHEC87JMV Client - UI - Fixed an issue with intermittent font readability issue in XPages and Sametime Chat in Client. Workaroud was to update prefs.js file...
ASHAC89FAVClient - Workspace - Fixed a display issue with server filenames being displayed on textured workspaces
SBOEC8NGBUClient - Workspace -Fixed an issue where Workspace navigator's width was not being restored on restart of the client.
AYAVC99HZHClient - Search Center - Fixed an issue where Yahoo!/Google Search query entered in Search Center would append extra text in the resulting URL in HCL...
STAAC9KAYZTemplates - pernames.ntf - Fixed an issue where the address picker would not show the list of existing users in a group. This regression was...
STAAC9W8HRClient - Advanced Properties Dialog - Fixed an issue where the Advanced Properties dialog was being displayed by shortcut key even if the menu is...
SRPACDLCADClient - Fixed the display of the dialog list field's drop down control to increase its size. This regression was introduced in...
YYUNCEC849Templates - bookmark.ntf - Traditional Chinese - Fixed an issue where setting user preference for "Save window state on exit", then exiting the Notes...


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